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Iron Fence Columbus | Heritage Cast Iron USAHeritage Cast Iron USA is a leading supplier of high quality, crafted iron fence in Columbus.

If you’re looking for iron fence in Columbus that makes an impact, then look no further.

We specialize in decorative iron fence for Columbus based on original Victorian designs – when iron fence was built to last!

But don’t be worried: our iron fence designs for Columbus may be of outstanding craftsmanship based on a revival of traditional foundry techniques but our approach to pricing is thoroughly modern.

We make sure we match unbeatable craftsmanship in Columbus to unbeatable prices.

See our outstanding iron fence designs and call us now to found how we can fulfill your iron fence requirements in Columbus.


Why Our Columbus Iron Fence Is Different

You can choose in Columbus many types of iron fence, but you can bet you’ll be choosing more in your lifetime.

Our iron fence is Columbus, however, is built to last, just like the Victorian iron fence we base our techniques and designs upon.

We offer nine unique collections of iron fence in Columbus, based on original, eye-catching 19th century designs.

With these designs, Columbus residents can make a statement about their appreciation of finely crated, ornamental iron fencing.

We firmly believe that there is no equal in Columbus for quality combined with value.

Heritage USA’s Iron Fence collection gives you stunning, faithful and authentic recreations of Scottish, English and Australian designs which can be used to adorn your Columbus home or Columbus driveway.

Not only are our iron fences perfect for Columbus residents, they can also be used to substantially improve public buildings and parks in Columbus, any preservation projects in Columbus and Columbus street furnishings.

We are happy to handle any project big or small for public and private clients in Columbus.

Call now 1-918-592-1700 X 112 or X 117. Or toll free 1-877-855-4766 (IRON) or send us an email at with any queries about our Columbus Iron Fence for price estimations based on your requirements.

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CAD drawings are also available on request.


Why choose heritage Iron Fence in Columbus?

Iron Fence Columbus | Heritage Cast Iron USACast Iron Fence has an incredibly long lifespan because it is one of most lasting and recycled building materials in the world, which means you will only be buying iron fence in Columbus one time.

It will continue to maintain its immaculate appearance in Columbus because cast iron fence is highly resistant to corrosion.

And, let’s not forget that you’ll be doing your bit for the environment in Columbus, as cast iron fence eliminates unnecessary carbon-generating energy spent re-manufacturing and replacing products over and over again.

Clearly, for Columbus residents, the long-term ownership costs of iron fences give unparalleled value when compared to other products on the market, such as fabricated ornamental iron gates and decorative steel fences.

These crucial factors combined with our crafstmanship which makes our iron fence a work of art illustrates why cast iron fence is the best choice for Columbus gates and railings.

The Heritage family of Cast Iron Fence is primed and undercoated, and ready for final coat upon installation.

Heritage Cast Iron USA is represented exclusively in North America by the National award winning custom ornamental metal work at Wiemann Metalcraft and select trading partners.

For project enquiries and pricing, please call 1-918-592-1700 X 112 or X 117, or toll free 1-877-855-4766 (IRON)

Or send us an email at