Frequently Asked Questions
To The Trade Only. We do not offer customization for projects less than $10,000 in value. As a result any customization will need to be handled by the end user.

In contemporary usage, wrought iron refers to steel (most often decorative fabrications and/or components) which are worked, shaped or fabricated by hand, sometimes using an anvil. Wrought iron also is a term used to refer to a specific alloy of iron that was replaced by modern steel which is no longer mass produced. Wrought iron, the alloy, was preferred by blacksmiths when forging and fabricating ornamental metalwork. In many cases a modern wrought iron gate and fence is actually made of light steel tubing which can rust from the inside out, accumulate water inside of the posts and pickets and be damaged easily due to its light weight. Cast iron is metalwork produced in a foundry. At the foundry, metal ingots are melted in furnaces and the molten metal is poured into molds. Cast iron is very economical to produce and extremely durable and many decorative components used in the ornamental metalworking trade are made of cast iron. All products within the Heritage Cast Iron USA line are made of solid, Class 30 Grey iron.
Yes. All of our driveway gates can be fitted with motors for automation. Often the same firm that installs the gates can also offer the gate automation and safety devices. However, you should always get quotes from at least 2 reputable, local gate installers and the wiring leading up to the operators should be set by a qualified electrical contractor. More specifically, There are 2 types of gate operators;
  • Above ground (of which hydraulic and screw type designs are available)
  • Below ground (only hydraulic)
The above ground operators are visible through the gate but offer some advantages in terms of ease of service and installation after the gates are set, while the below ground models are virtually invisible. When selecting the right model for your installation consult an experienced gate automation firm and be sure to select a model which accommodates the weight of the gate, your frequency of use, your climate as well as all of the other peripheral convenience and safety features which you might desire. Gate operators are available from $600 to $16,000 for one motor thus, it is impossible to establish a cost for automation due to the wide range of variables such as location specific installation requirements, electrical needs, peripheral requirements, operator choice, security system tie-in, geographic location/climate etc. This is why we recommend you consult with at least two reputable firms to establish a price.
Using stock Heritage Cast Iron USA gates and posts with a little creativity, there are many ways that we can retro fit the gates to your driveway. Contact the sales professionals at Heritage Cast Iron USA with you specific requirements and dimensions and we will provide a layout customized for you along with applicable pricing. Please note that not all Heritage Cast Iron USA gates may not be suitable for use as the primary entry gates for gated communities because of restrictions on minimum gate width which may be established by local building or fire code. Please consult your local building agency or authorities before specifying Heritage Cast Iron USA Gates for this purpose.
Our products are very heavy and as such even with the upmost care and diligence it is quite conceivable that they will get scraped and scratched during installation and transportation. If the gates were supplied painted this would compromise the final finish. We therefore supply them with a zinc base universal primer which is ready for final painting after installation. You can use any oil based or water based enamel to finish the job after installation is complete.
We recommend an appropriate long wearing, high quality, exterior grade latex or alkyd enamel top coat. This can be done by brushing, rolling or spraying. Care should be taken to follow the paint suppliers recommended guidelines. If rust becomes visible, remove it with a wire brush, spray the affected area with a zinc rich primer ( available at any home improvement store) and touch up with colour matching top coat.
We offer plate fixing posts for an easy and quick way to install our gates as pre-hung systems on top of suitable concrete slabs of footings. The root fixing posts are suitable for use up against masonry walls or for use with underground automation systems as the motor must sit next to the post.
Cast Lasts! When properly installed, our cast iron products will last for generations providing the LOWEST COST OF LONG TERM OWNERSHIP compared to any other ornamental metal product. To prove it, we guarantee all of our products for 25 years! To restore the historic integrity of your project by using materials on a like for like basis, many Councils and historic preservation groups operate a grant scheme for such projects. Still not convinced ? Look at some good quality cast ironwork then look at some mild steel reproduction work – no contest.
It depends on the pattern of the railing. Gentle gradients can be accommodated by decorative railings such as the Terrace and Prospect collections. However linear railings such as Stewart and Stirling are not so well suited. To use these railings on slopes the wall top should be level and then stepped to accommodate the gradient. The railing can accommodate the steps with the use of intermediate posts.
Yes, because the railing is supplied in quite short sections, the joints can be angled to deal with curves making for a faceted turn. There are many examples on the website of this adaptation.
We have the capability to make any new design but custom work is always far more costly than buying from stock. Executing new patterns will also extend the lead time for delivery. New designs incur pattern costs but these may be subsidised for larger jobs or if we think the design is commercially viable to include in our range.
Yes, many of the patterns can be poured as cast aluminum gates and fences just as they are in cast iron but this will be at additional cost and lead time as these products are not currently stocked in aluminium.
While Heritage Cast Iron USA and its distributors try to maintain a stock which facilitates quick delivery (1 – 2 weeks) larger orders may take 4 – 8 weeks or possibly more depending on the quantity. In almost all cases our products can be delivered far quicker than most custom fabricators can deliver a ‘similar’ product.

For project enquiries and pricing, please call 1-918-592-1700 X 112 or X 117, or toll free 1-877-855-4766 (IRON)

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