Can I automate my gates and how much does it cost?
To The Trade Only. We do not offer customization for projects less than $10,000 in value. As a result any customization will need to be handled by the end user.

Yes. All of our driveway gates can be fitted with motors for automation. Often the same firm that installs the gates can also offer the gate automation and safety devices. However, you should always get quotes from at least 2 reputable, local gate installers and the wiring leading up to the operators should be set by a qualified electrical contractor.
More specifically,

There are 2 types of gate operators;

  • Above ground (of which hydraulic and screw type designs are available)
  • Below ground (only hydraulic)

The above ground operators are visible through the gate but offer some advantages in terms of ease of service and installation after the gates are set, while the below ground models are virtually invisible.

When selecting the right model for your installation consult an experienced gate automation firm and be sure to select a model which accommodates the weight of the gate, your frequency of use, your climate as well as all of the other peripheral convenience and safety features which you might desire.

Gate operators are available from $600 to $16,000 for one motor thus, it is impossible to establish a cost for automation due to the wide range of variables such as location specific installation requirements, electrical needs, peripheral requirements, operator choice, security system tie-in, geographic location/climate etc. This is why we recommend you consult with at least two reputable firms to establish a price.

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