The gates do not fit my driveway – what can I do?
To The Trade Only. We do not offer customization for projects less than $10,000 in value. As a result any customization will need to be handled by the end user.

Using stock Heritage Cast Iron USA gates and posts with a little creativity, there are many ways that we can retro fit the gates to your driveway. Contact the sales professionals at Heritage Cast Iron USA with you specific requirements and dimensions and we will provide a layout customized for you along with applicable pricing.

Please note that not all Heritage Cast Iron USA gates may not be suitable for use as the primary entry gates for gated communities because of restrictions on minimum gate width which may be established by local building or fire code. Please consult your local building agency or authorities before specifying Heritage Cast Iron USA Gates for this purpose.

For project enquiries and pricing, please call 1-918-592-1700 X 112 or X 117, or toll free 1-877-855-4766 (IRON)

Or send us an email at