Iron Fencing Toronto
To The Trade Only. We do not offer customization for projects less than $10,000 in value. As a result any customization will need to be handled by the end user.

Iron Fence TorontoAnyone considering iron fencing for their Toronto premises must first consider Heritage cast iron.

Cast iron fencing not only has unparalleled long term ownership costs – lasting a number of lifetimes – but also has been crafted by Heritage into objects of sublime beauty.

Naturally, such iron fences will appeal to anyone in Toronto who appreciates real craft and wants a long-lasting, highly decorative addition to their home.

But it’s not only Toronto home-owners who have the opportunity to benefit from such high quality fencing; Heritage also supply iron fences in Canada for public building, restoration works and new projects.

Vintage Iron Fences Toronto

Your Toronto premises can be transformed by our superbly crafted, decorative Victorian iron fencing.

Our fence collections available in Toronto are modeled exactly on original 19th century designs, and has been created by resurrecting traditional foundry techniques.

This commitment to excellence is exhibited in the functional durability of the iron fencing, and its aesthetic appeal.

But while our approach to our craft is thoroughly traditional; our approach to pricing is thoroughly modern, making our vintage iron fences hugely economical for Toronto customers long term compared to the continual repurchasing of cheaper, fabricated metal fencing.

We would be delighted to give you further information or details on pricing for our superior iron fences in Toronto: phone us free on 1-877-855-4766 or use our online form

Why Choose Cast Iron Fencing in Toronto?

Iron Fencing TorontoPut simply: cast iron lasts and will never need replacing at your Toronto premises, making it far more cost-effective long term than other metal fencing.

This is because cast iron is one of the world’s most durable materials, and it is also recyclable, so you will be doing your bit for the environment in Toronto too.

It is also hugely resistant to corrosion, and will take whatever the Toronto weather cares to throw at our fences without causing them to lose their decorative charm.

But just for peace of mind, we offer our Toronto customers a 25-year warranty as well.

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