Ornamental Fence Alabama
To The Trade Only. We do not offer customization for projects less than $10,000 in value. As a result any customization will need to be handled by the end user.

Ornamental Fence Alabama

If you measure the value of ornamental fence by its design and longevity there is no finer or better suited ornamental fence to be found in Alabama than at Heritage Cast Iron USA.

Our ornamental fence is made from solid, durable, long lasting cast iron and will last for generations to come, making the long term cost of  ownership far cheaper for our Alabama customers than lower-cost lightweight steel or aluminum fencing alternatives which must be replaced every 10-15 years and repaired regularly.

When considering what to purchase in Alabama, remember fabricated steel doesn’t last, and wrought iron fencing is usually not true wrought iron but made from lightweight mild steel tubes with welded cast iron components added.

Decorative fencing and gates by Heritage Cast Iron USA in Alabama are taken directly from late 19th Century Victorian Era precedents.  Using traditional foundry techniques and design methods, we have painstakingly reproduced the finest fence available then and now.

Our ornamental fence and matching gates and railings bring traditional grace and character to established Alabama neighborhoods and historic districts where such items where once commonplace.

Heritage Cast Iron products match durability to beauty, and create an elegant entries and secure boundaries for private residences, estates, municipal buildings, museums, cemeteries, parks and other public spaces in Alabama.

For a free, no obligations quote for your Alabama ornamental fencing needs please  email or phone Heritage Cast Iron USA today toll-free on 1-877-855-4766 .

We can also fulfill bespoke requests, plus CAD designs are available on request.

Why Choose Ornamental Cast Iron Fencing in Alabama?

Cast Iron, as mentioned, is one of the most durable construction materials available on earth. It is highly resistant to corrosion whatever the Alabama climate or location.

Because it is so long lasting, it makes your project more eco-friendly, reducing the needless amounts of carbon generating processes that come with replacing lighter weight gates and fence over and over again.  Thus, the long term cost of ownership will always be more economical with solid cast iron ornamental fence than continually re-purchasing less expensive tubular steel gates or fencing for your Alabama properties.

Ornamental Fence AlabamaHeritage Cast Iron USA is represented exclusively in North America by the National award winning custom ornamental metalworkers at Wiemann Metalcraft and select trading partners.

For project enquiries and pricing, please call 1-918-592-1700 X 112 or X 117, or toll free 1-877-855-4766 (IRON)

Or send us an email at sales@heritagecastironusa.com.